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Thursday, May 25, 2006

twenty twenty twenty four hours to gooooo

rare pho to go
from: A-1 Vietnamese and Korean (or "Mese Food" as stated in that pic)
price: $4.70
rating: &&&.8/&&&&&
listening to: ramones
comments: good pho. not great. just good. there was one single pice of jalapeno in it. I haven't seen that before here. oh well. it made my lips burn after nibbling on it. and mad props go to gary ellwood for giving me what I needed to make my Timbitsman (clicky tha picky).

and a mystery person had:

100 points to the first person to identify who's lunch this was. if you click the pic, you will see the person. mildly iPhoto'ed.


Blogger Temple said...

Another big shout out to Gary Elwood for saving me from that shark last night.

Sure it was a bit of hubris, I shouldn't have been so confident on that beach with a 9 foot great white under me, but I had a spear-gun, there were plenty of handlers around, and the animal seemed relatively resigned to the poking and prodding we were doing to it.

Forgetting that the shark was a wild animal, often held up as an example of nature's perfect killing machine, was what allowed my confidence to build, and my guard to be lowered. With all that's happened, I can't see through the haze clear enough to remember exactly what I was doing straddling the shark, facing the front of its dorsal. I just know that at the time we had a purpose and it was important.

Either time leaped forward a moment or the shark's sudden violent thrashing set off so many alarm bells in my stretched-taught, adrenaline soaked nervous system that certain atavistic survival instincts were given priority over other higher functions like awareness. Either way, I found myself in the mouth of the great white. Well, staring into the mouth of a great white from just outside, trying desperately to remain in said position by bracing your arms against the nose and jaw while managing to retain all your appendages and digits may seem very much like being inside the mouth of the shark, in actuality they are quite different. I was, much to my relief, just outside the mouth. This fact was not lost on the shark, and it was thrashing and snapping with the clear intent of having me inside its mouth.

Somehow I still held the spear-gun, apparently being thrown from the back of a shark into foot-deep water tends not to relax the muscles in your hand. I could see the gun in my hand pushing against the sandpapery snout like a cartoonish, slanted mustache. I knew that shooting the shark would be a good thing, but I was very much enjoying remaining outside the shark's mouth, and was using both hands to accomplish that. It was quickly clear that I would need somebody else to kill the animal. Looking around for assistance from one of the handlers, I see Gary Elwood two steps away looking for an opportunity to help.

I could feel the animal's thrashing and flopping on the beach slowly bringing us to deeper water. If that were to happen I was certain using two hands to stay outside of the shark's mouth would not be enough. I timed my move and threw the gun to Gary, then quickly refocused on the primary objective of not being eaten at that very moment. Gary grabbed the spear-gun and shot the shark in what I would consider the head (if in fact sharks do have heads). At this point the animal twisted backwards violently, like a dog trying to bite the base of its tail. I was free of its jaws, and was able to scramble out of the water to safety.

Thanks Gary, I owe you one.

May 26, 2006 11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

其它大呼喊到加利Elwood 为挽救我从那个鲨鱼昨晚。 肯定这是一点过分骄傲, 我不应该是很确信的在那个海滩以9 只脚巨大白色在我之下, 但是我有一杆矛枪, 有大量经理, 并且动物似乎相对地委托戳和刺我们做着对它。 忘记, 鲨鱼是一只野生动物, 经常被阻止为例自然的完善的杀害机器, 是什么允许我的信心修造, 和我的卫兵被降下。与所有发生, 我不能看通过阴霾明白足够确切地记住什么我做着跨立鲨鱼, 面对它的背前线。我知道在我们有一个目的时候并且它重要。 或时间飞跃今后片刻或鲨鱼的突然猛烈捶打引起许多警钟在我舒展教, 肾上腺素被浸泡的神经系统, 某些隔代遗传生存天性制定了优先权在其它更高的作用象了悟。不管怎样, 我找到自己在巨大白色的嘴。很好, 凝望入巨大白色的嘴从外面, 绝望地设法保留在前述位置在支撑您的胳膊旁边反对鼻子和下颌当设法保留他们是相当不同的所有您的配件和数字也许非常似乎象是在鲨鱼的嘴里面, 在事实。我是, 对我的安心, 外部嘴。这个事实未丢失在鲨鱼, 并且它是捶打和攫取以清楚的意向有我在它的嘴里面。 以某种方法我仍然拿着矛枪, 明显地被投掷从鲨鱼的后面入脚深水倾向于不放松肌肉在您的手里。我能看枪在我的手里推挤反对sandpapery 口鼻部象cartoonish, 倾斜的髭。我知道那射击鲨鱼会是一件好事, 但我是非常享用残余在鲨鱼的嘴之外, 和使用两只手完成那。它迅速是确切, 我会需要他人杀害动物。四周寻找协助从经理的当中一个, 我看见加利Elwood 二步寻找机会帮助。 我能感觉动物的捶打和跳动在海滩慢慢地带来我们给更深的水。如果那将发生我肯定使用二只手停留在鲨鱼的嘴外面不会是足够。我计时了我的移动和投掷了枪到加利, 那么迅速重新聚焦在主要宗旨不被吃在那非常片刻。加利劫掠了矛枪和射击了鲨鱼在什么我会认为头(如果鲨鱼实际上有头) 。这时动物猛烈地落后扭转了, 象狗设法咬住它的尾巴基地。我免于它的下颌, 和能扰乱在水外面对安全。 感谢加利, 我欠您一。

May 26, 2006 1:38 PM  
Blogger erinator said...

hey! that's my brother! i think? it's hard to say since john li kinda reminds me of my brother too...

May 26, 2006 4:42 PM  
Blogger gwilli said...

it's not your brother.

thanks for guessing, though. at least someone is!

clue: he works here.

May 26, 2006 4:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That musta been one heck of a jalapeno in that Pho... what did you dream with the second bite?

May 28, 2006 8:16 AM  

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