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Friday, April 16, 2010

our lunch runs cold in the caverns of the night

bbq pork and noodles in soup
from: kam gok yuen
price: $5ish
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: U2
comments: today I met ritchie, urblanski and erin for bbq stuff in soup in chinatown. good foods. and cheap. click to see a little owly that was made by a friend of a coworker. it's pretty awesome. some kinda japanese knitting/crochet style.

and michal had:

the bbq duck
comments: hadn't seen urblanksi in a while. now he works in the neighbourhood, I reckon there will be more lunches. click to see little owly again, but with his big buddy.

and ritchie had:

the pork, but with rice noodles
comments: these guys were a bit delayed in meeting for the lunching. so I found a cool window display and made some wigglies whilst waiting. click to see one of these wiggles. doesn't really look like Kiss, does it?

and erin had:

the duck
comments: I gave these guys some hootsuite stickers to help market the product. here's one of those stickers. I think that's the Hootinator. click to see some trolls.



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