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Friday, July 04, 2008

what is... just is.

angus burger n such
from: McD's
price: just under $10. yeah. $10 for a mcdonald's meal. bizarre.
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: Lamb.
comments: the angus burger is still delicious. in the linked photo today, I present a giant crane moving behind the city. the gif is rather big, so it'll take a while to load. this crane is very interesting. it's vancouver's newest AND largest. it can move 2 containers at once, while all our other cranes only move one. they had to wait for the lowest of tides to move it under the Lion's Gate. a dude from navarik got photos of this from somewhere downtown. crazy!

and neil had:

comments: click's neil's lunch to see a cute little morris minor I saw across from mcdonalds. it's for sale. someone buy it and be cute, k?

and sumant had:

his regular overload of watery vegetables.
comments: click on Sumant's lunch to see him and neil lunchin' it up there, boss. also note how neil uses his jedi mind trick to pick up his coke. talk about lazy. oh, one other thing I meant to link to. this vehicle makes me upset with its mislabeling. Bmx??? b? the b stands for bicycle! I see 3 wheels! it's a TMX, plain and simple!



Blogger Unknown said...

crane delivery gif is great. love the sky train action and the planes.

July 08, 2008 11:36 PM  

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