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Thursday, July 31, 2008

another industrial ugly morning

"loaded" steakhouse burger
from: Burger King
price: $8ish
rating: &&&/&&&&&
listening to: the police
comments: after seeing Darren have one (below), I had to try BK's new Steakhouse burger. but I tried the one with mashed potatoes in it. kinda weird. kinda good. but not that good. doesn't come close to mcdonalds' angus burger. no no. click my lunch to see 3 little gulls up on a rooftop. after watching 5 young gulls hopping on the rooftops across the lane (must've been their first trip from the nest, couldn't quite fly yet), I went up on our roof to find that there were 11 young gulls on the neighbouring buildings. this explains why they've been so edgy when I visit the roof lately. still, I couldn't spot any nests. odd.

and darren had:

unloaded steakhouse burger.
comments: I think the non-loaded one is probably better. they both come with these little fried onion bits. pretty good. but not great. and for that price? get an angus burger. click darren's lunch to see some shiny balls I sawr. and in other news, a LATV viewer starts a ska band



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