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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

eating, flying, and walking around PV

fish tacos and ceviches
from: some taco stand in Puerto Vallarta
price: I think they were about 10 pesos each, more or less.
rating: &&&&&/&&&&&
comments: our crew's PV verterans, Ben and Janice, took us to this taco stand to show us how good street meat could be. and it was amazing. so good. and we bought some beer at the store at the corner. overall, a perfect lunch.

after lunch, ben and janice had organized parasailing for us over the beach and city of Puerto Vallarta. this was much fun. here's a shot of jim coming in for a landing, and if you click the pic, you'll see one of the shots I was abel to take while flying over the beach. the only problem with this was that it started raining while I was up there, so they packed it all in and poor soggy poncho didn't get to fly :(


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