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Friday, April 23, 2010

do you believe in life after lunch?

from: pho le
price: $10ish with lychee drink
listening to: cher. well, not really, I just saw part of her video on tv and changed the channel
comments: bill and I met ritchie for lunch today. literally. well, bill literally met him. anyway, bill also pointed out that the name of one of our favourite restaurants is actually peehole. click my lunch. look at the sign. p-hole. yikes!

and ritchie had:

number 64?
comments: ritchie said I confused him with my order. he wanted noodles, but ordered rice. true story. click his lunch to see a city worker (or hydro?) blending in with the No. 5 Orange. it's actually an awesome wiggly. looks like a growing man. I should do more like that. now if I could just remember how I did it...

and bill had:

veggie dish, of course.
comments: click bill's lunch to see some provincial court security officer type guys checking on a protester sleeping out front of the provincial court of bc.



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