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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

luncheon is what I got, I said remember that

soup n burger
from: dunlevy snackbar
price: $9
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: sublime
comments: I only got 2 wigglies today. and one of them isn't even in focus. deal with it. but first, under my lunch is no wiggly at all. it's a Beetle. my friend, Garrett, is selling his classic beetle. now's your chance to own history. go buy it. 4k. not a bad deal. look at that lack of rust. it's crazy clean. go buy it. for me, even. and I'll drive it.

and Dave and Bill both had:

the veg sandwich
comments: in a very rare situation, Dave O didn't bring lunch today. he got to experience the dunlevy snackbar with us. good stuff. now click to see some street art.

and Ian and Helen both had:

grilled cheeses.
comments: ian and helen showed up whilst we were there. nice. so there was 4 of us. and one complainy lady try to compute on the large table. who tries to work on their own thing but sits at the largest communal table in a restaurant?? ridic. click to see an out of focus bug.



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