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Friday, November 04, 2011

you lunch a stone

turkey samwich
from: the salty tongue
price: $10ish?
rating: &&&&.4/&&&&&
listening to: okkervil river
comments: boy oh boy. some days, I got no gifs. other days, are more like today. more gifs than I know what to do with. let's start by clicking my lunch to see the photoblimp I saw on the way to work.

and alex had:

same as me
comments: click alex's lunch to see the photo shoot that happened outside the office. distracting us all for a good 10 minutes. during which time, our fearless leader ran outside and offered the poor girl a pillow. then I guess he convinced her to wear a hootsuite shirt.

and gavin had:

a meatloaf sandwich
comments: we were all stoked about how gavin's sandwich looked like a large mcdonald's cheeseburger. click to see the parking metre he made me stop and wigglisize.

and bill had:

bulgar something
comments: oh man. this wiggly. is awesome. it's 100% moustachioed. enjoy.

and david had:

steak and guinness pie
comments: david was too kind. when he couldn't finish his delicious meal, I got to. now click to see him derpin' it up. yeah. it was friday, so the end of the day lead to drinks. and paul brought in the kinect. I bet you want more kinecty wigglies? yeah?? ok, here's some sweet, hootsuite action. or perhaps you just want to see my new braid.



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