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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

wiggly wednesdays begin!

cold buckwheat noodles in mustard sauce
from: peaceful restaurant
price: $9?
rating: &&&&.4/&&&&&
comments: click my lunch to see a brand new way to see my wigglies. yes!  it's the hootsuite blog, and they've decided to start Wiggly Wednesdays. so make sure to check em out every wednesday!

and bill had:

dandan noodles
comments: I think this was bill's lunch. regardless, click it. you will see him playing ping pong. what?  that's not him!  that's a unicorn!

and gabriel had:

lamb soup
comments: click gabriel's lunch to see what could possibly be Frocks N Smocks album cover.

and ken had:

these noodles
comments: bill's in all the wigglies today. in this last one, he's stolen parts from the r/c shark and adapted them to himself. he's Losharktus of Borg.



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