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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I fell in lunch and I needed a roadmap

some prawns n stuff
from: Kam's bakery and restaurant
price: $9ish
rating:  &&&&/&&&&
listening to: modest mouse
comments: so last weekend, I was visiting my parents. I walk in, and look at the kitchen table. where a coworker was just lying on the table. on the cover of the Province. and I'm all like... whaaaaa??

and ken had:

comments: I bet now you're all like... 'show me more of this most eligible bachelor! I can't tell that it's really him behind that paper!  how is he sooo eligible?  how does he stay in shape?'  well, people... I'm here to show his secret. it's called deskercise. and you can see it in action by clicking on ken's lunch.

and paul had:

the wednesday special
comments: one more wiggly.  not a bachelor this time. but a daddy. and his adorable little girl.



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