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Friday, February 15, 2013

happy birthday gavin, good bye ian!

blt-ish sandwich
from: foundation
price: I forget
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: bear mountain (ian)
comments: significant day today. gavin aged, and ian left us. of course this meant there were 2 reasons for people to get iced. and get iced they did! click my lunch to see the two of them.

and gavin had:

same as me
comments: of course, the icings were clever. click gavin's lunch to see the best one. it was rigged up behind that tv. and it fell out when he went for his nerf gun. of course, he had to go for his nerf gun when 5-10 people all stood up and starting shooting him. super win.  another awesome part of it was the removal of his "blocker" ices from within his locked fridge.  with just a ransom note left behind.

and ian had:

comments: so ian has the best reason for leaving hootsuite to date. he's going on tour to open for bloc party. whaaaaa?  yep. he's also gonna be playing the governor's ball in nyc in the summer.  Bear Mountain. watch for him. he's gonna be a superstar!  well, he already is with all of us.  click to see him defending a visiting daniel.

and donné had:

comments: click to see donné squinting at me while paul shows ian how he likes to make tacos.



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