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Thursday, February 07, 2013

do you lunch me? now that I can dance

pasta carbonara
from: argo cafe
price: I forget.
listening to: the contour
comments: argo's.  it's been a while.  over 3 years, according to my quick LATV search.  crazy. aynway, it's still good. now click to see eric's amzing carboard bar.  i'm not correcting typos in here.

and mike had:

chicken burg
comments: so mike dropped a bomb on us this week. tmoorrow, maybe?  I forget when. but he's leaving us.  not just leaving us, but going to ea. oh mike...  now click to see uji enjoying a jones soda. he's actually enjoying it. not like in this old classic wiggly.

and andrew had:

mushroom n cheese burger
comments: who wants one more wiggly?  you do! well, just click that burger. you'll see paul's headphones. paul's caged headphones. yeah.



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