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Friday, December 07, 2012

bye danny!

from: incendio's
comments: so I basically took a month long vacation from this blog (and almost as much vacation from work).  but there are 2 posts worth posting in december. like this post. which commemorates an owl who needed to spread his wings. dan. danny. daniel. mr. mathews.  he left us today. click to see him getting iced.

and bill had:

comments: dan didn't just get iced once. oh no. no no. I lost track of the count.

and david had:

comments: yep. iced again.

and eric had:

comments: also this month... tomorrow I turn 40. yikes. super big thanks to daniel for taking the spotlight and all those ices today. I managed to mostly stay under the radar. bye dan... we'll miss you. :(



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