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Friday, November 23, 2012

one lunch, one life, when it's one need in the night

soup n sandwich
from: salty tongue
price: totally forget
rating: yeah, it was good
listening to: U2
comments: today's lunch started out innocently enough. I think there were 10 of us. then we kept trying to go to places that were already full of hootsuiters. after much wandering, four of us ended up at salty tongue. click to see eric and bill playing umbrella volley game fun madness game.

and eric had:

oily soup
comments: I remember this lunch was eric's cuz he was scooping the oil out of his soup. click to see a variation of the umbrella gif.

and someone else had:

comments: was this ken?  maybe. does it matter?  not really.  click for a blurry gif with subtle harris shutter effect.

and this sandwich

was eaten by someone
comments: click it.



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