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Thursday, November 22, 2012

lunch is supposed to be that special kind of thing

pulled pork sandwich n soup
from: Perch
price: forget
rating: real good
listening to: janis joplin
comments: we tried a new lunch place today!  this does not happen often. and this place was real good. know what made it even better???  free tetris!  click to see it! next to the jukebox.  yeah. awesome.

and bill had:

beet burger?
comments: he seemed to like this. and I liked my food. and we'll be back. click to see a very happy bill singing the wheels on the bus... well, I assume that's what he's doing.

and mike had:

pulled pork sandwich
comments: mike's lunch just links to another wiggly of the jukebox.

and paul and steve had:

the same
comments: there were other owls at Perch today.  fitting.  so they joined us. I can't remember who, but one of them had the nachos. which were very tall. wanna see how tall?  click this lunch.



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