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Friday, September 07, 2012

the episode in which we all get a tour of our future office

beef dip
from: Pat's Pub
price: $9ish?
rating: &&&&/&&&&
comments: today was a real VEF. a Very Exciting Friday. we had our town hall meeting... in the parkade of our new office!! yeah!  click to see nori welcoming me there.

and bill had:

veg burg
comments: we are all very excited to expand our space so much and to all share the same roof AND to move closer to my house. ha! ok, I'm excited about that last part. click to see some owls checking out the building.

and david had:

comments: for those who know this city, you might know that this office used to be the organized crime task force headquarters for the VPD. so we were scouring it for interesting stuff. like the bulletproof looking glass in the reception area. or the metal lined closets like in the linked wiggly.

and eric had:

onion rings on his veg burg
comments: ok, time for the most important part. any long time readers of this blog know that I like to get up on the roof of all my workplaces. and this place is no exception. click to see over 100 of us all up on it.

and the police didn't leave:

too much evidence
comments: that's a "strike force" logo that was on the wall.  they'd all been mostly scratched off. click it to see everyone gathering for our group photo. I also split one of those group shots into 1, 2, and 3 closer detail shots. it's awesome seeing everyone in it. look for nori losing his phone from his pocket. awesome.

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