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Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm so mad to lunch you and your evil curse

from: la casita
price: $11ish
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: morcheeba
comments: today was prom night for hootside high (1987). that's us. that's what today's hootsuite parliament party was all about. I used my 3D camera and it's taken me like two weeks to get all the wigglies made. but you can see them all here.  so many. click my lunch to see the rarest of the rare... me actually in a wiggly.

and andrew had:

comments: click andrew's lunch to see eric all 80's out.

and bill had:

comments: in other news, Zoltan met me at our party, then I went to a going away party for him. he's going to work for apple. with so many of the other ex-atimiites.  click to see him at the old atimi office door.

and mike had:

comments: and in other other news, when I started walking home from downtown, I noticed lots o smoke from mt. pleasant area. of course, I had to go look. and sadly, I saw a favourite restaurant, Thai Son, burning. they say the fire had been going for over 4 hours when I got there. and there was still lotsa flame. so sad. no more thai son for a while... though, the internet just told me that there's another one at 1st and renfrew. far.



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