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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I can't take the way he sings, but I lunch to hear him talk

bacon cheese pirate pack
from: white spot
price: I totally didn't pay attention
rating: &&&.5/&&&&&
listening to: the band
comments: so today was the one day a year where adults can eat pirate packs. not sure how this got so popular. but it is a thing now. and lo and behold, who do you reckon was dining at the georgia white spot?  chuck currie, their head chef. click to see a blurry wiggly of him. you may recognize him from the tv. "what's in the soowse?"

and bill had:

the only non-pirate pack at the table.
comments: click bill's grilled cheese to see him controlling a whole bunch of after lunch jumpers whilst he hovers good. there was a 2nd jump wiggly attempt. you can see it here. 

and eric had:

pirate pack
comments: click eric's lunch to see him on bill's shoulders and drumming upon his head.

and kingsley had:

comments: click kinglsey's lunch to see a rare wiggly indeed... one of me! yeah, jenny took my camera and made many wigglies for me. too many! so many. I didn't animate them all. there were just too many.

well, most everyone had:

pirate packs
comments: last click. and you're just gonna see this same photo, but all wiggly. that's all.



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