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Thursday, July 26, 2012

backstreet luncher on the side of the road

montreal smoked meat sandwich with pulled pork poutine
from: the charles
price: umm.. $13ish?
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: pearl jam
comments: paul heard about this thing where they were shutting down a street so people could go and get lunch and stuff. we thought there'd be lots of food trucks. there were none. it was just some odd high-school cafeteria-like set up in the middle of the street. and you were supposed to bring lunch. odd.

and eric had:

tuna salad
comments: those chunks of tuna made me want this salad. and it's a salad. click to see the disappointment when we learned there was no lunch to be bought at this odd event.

and paul had:

the "baltic" sandwich
comments: baltic is an acronym for the ingredients in the sandwich, if you care. click to see the woodwards building just outside the charles.

and david had: 
montreal smoked meat, but different fries.
comments: the best thing about the charles bar is definitely the fry bar. many types of fries to try. although, when adding it to a meal, they are all the same price, so I can't help myself but go with the pulled pork poutine cuz it's the most bang for me buck. 

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