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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

good lunch, there ain't no denying. bad lunch, somebody ain't trying

burger and soup
from: Dunlevy Snack Bar
price: $9
rating: &&&&.8/&&&&&
listening to: evan dando covering victoria williams
comments: helen convinced us to try the Dunlvey Snack Bar today. and it was good. very good. the flavour in this beef/pork patty was incredible. the soup was good, too, but the burger really overshadowed it. man, it was tasty. now click it to see a stuck truck I saw this morn. poor driver. that load is just too long for the city.

and bill had:

veggie pie
comments: bill said his lunch was really good, too. and after, we bought some very tasty cookies. yum. click to see bill pretending to play the hammond organ that's in the back of the snack bar.

and gavin had:

same as me
comments: if you like pumpkins, click gavin's lunch. if you don't like 'em, you might as well click it anyway. I mean, you came this far, right?



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