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Thursday, July 28, 2011

when it's too much lunch, it's too much lunch

jerk chicken wrap
from: the reef
price: $10ish
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: lcd soundsystem
comments: something very 'east van' happened whilst I was working this evening. there happened to be a big moving van parked right outside the office window. and I guess the shirtless man in a wheelchair decided this was the best place to use his crack pipe. he didn't even glance into the window. hah. click to see it in action.

and erin had:

the same but with salad
comments: erin came by the office today and took us all the way up main to the reef. not the best day for the reef, cuz there weren't any plantain chips, or johnny cakes (at first). anyway, the salad here is no good. erin proved that by finding a bug in amongst the wilted and nearly rotting veggies. but the wrap was delicious. can't win em all. click to see erin making a pacman out of her johnny cake shell.

and bill had:

a tofu wrap
comments: I had never seen the shell separated from a johnny cake before. nice work, bill.



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