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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

they think we're lunchers kept under cover

from: la casita
price: $16.50
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: bonnie raitt
comments: it's funny how I think of incendio or nicli being a very expensive lunch when I get something like this at la casita. very not cheap. but very delicious. I dunno, though.. they used to have great specials here. but they just don't seem as appealing anymore. click to see a new pub that's opened up at the old american hotel on main st.

and bill had:

veggie stuff
comments: in other news, the wednesday farmer's market is back at the bus/train station. wanna see? click bill's lunch then.

and megan had:

comments: megan joined us for lunch today. first time LATVer guest lunch. welcome, megan! now click to see a prowler.

and david had:

comments: finally, one last click. and it's to another fancy coffee wiggly. this one is a swan. or a turkey. yeah. it's a turkey. the drink was extra special... containing a shot of each syrup flavour. haha!



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