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Thursday, June 02, 2011

just why I ran, ran away from you luncher

from: LanaLou's
price: $11.50
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listeining to: blue rodeo
comments: today lanalou's was busier than I ever seen it. I think they were a bit overwhelmed. anyway. still tasty. click to see what appears to be a decontamination unit. at least that's what it says it is. I figure it's for the fast approaching zombie apocalypse.

and bill had:

veggie omelet
comments: I only made one wiggly today. the second one was too blurry to use. anyway, I link to one from earlier in the week. this one is not that special, but the story amuses me. see the big ad? that's on the empty property that used to be slickety jims. as you can tell, the locals are not impressed with it. but you see, this is actually the second ad to be posted here. I noticed one just like it a couple weeks back, then the next time I walked by it was torn up and all over the ground. hahah. then they replaced it. then they defaced it. go mt. pleasant.


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