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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm crazy for lunch, but I'm not coming on

enchilada and a tacotino
from: arturo's food truck
price: $11?
rating: &&&.7/&&&&&
listening to: nick cave covering leonard cohen
comments: we met more excoworkers today. from navarik, again. sumant, andy and noel. but for some reason, all the wigglies are of bill. once he got a taste of the limelight, he just couldn't stop, I guess. well, click my lunch to see sumant hovering the best. right in front of tony's office. tony couldn't make it. so we hovered for him.

and sumant had:

his finger in his food
comments: sumant is moving to barcelona for work. crazy. he better have an extra room for visitors. click to see bill just flying on by.

and bill had:

veggie food, I'm guessing
comments: click bill's lunch to see what? bill. yeah. he's jumping for joy and looking as fashionable as ever. I'm sure randy would approve.

and and and andy had:

some food
comments: click andy's lunch to see more bill. yeah. more. in this wiggly, you can see him and eric celebrating the solstice in the only way they know how.

and noel had:

already finished his lunch
comments: bill and I were a bit late. so noel had eaten already by the time we got there. so you get to see him instead of his food. what a treat, huh? anyway, click for one more episode of the bill show. in this episode, our hero dangerously juggles scissors! yeah! that's right! juggles scissors! they won't even let me cut paper with them anymore, but suuuuure bill can just juggle them all he wants. sometimes life just isn't fair.



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