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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

we killed the time and I lunch you dear

rueben on sourdough
from: deacon's corner
price: $11.50
rating: &&&&.4/&&&&&
listening to: massive attack
comments: did everyone enjoy their long weekend? I did. but I always do. this sandwich was extremely tasty. now click my lunch to see richerd looking very sporty.

and bill had:

veggie something
comments: click bill's lunch to see a deadly trifecta of mugs. if you see these mugs together, play it safe. report it to the authorities. they are seriously awesome.

and david had:

comments: it stands for something. but I forget what. bacon? egg? lettuce? tomato? cheese? that's just a guess. an educated guess. click to see sporty richerd in action.

and gavin had:

farmer's scramble
comments: I got more lunches than wigglies today. so I link to one from the weekend. some blue flowers for ya. (it's totally raining green).



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