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Thursday, May 12, 2011

I lunch music, any kind of music

from: mamak malaysian cafe (inside afro canadian)
price: $7.50
rating: &&&&.5/&&&&&
listening to: the o'jays
comments: today I finally tried the other half of the afro canadian restaurant. yeah, there's a malaysian restaurant right inside it. and it's good. real good. I was sadden that they were out of roti cannai, though. oh well. this was tasty laksa. click to see the air full of blossoms at the skytrain station.

and bill had:

taste of africa
comments: for some reason, bill's lunch had no rice today. no matter, it was still enough food, says he. now you will click his lunch to see him getting happy.

and richerd had:

taste of africa, too
comments: in a coincidental sequence of events, richerd ended up having lunch with us. although, I think he was legally blind. or maybe not. but he'd had lasers shot into his eyes that morning. click his lunch to see him. what do you reckon he looks like? a blind man? a thief? a gangster? or an elf trying to blend into city life (note the wagging tail. do elves have tails)?



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