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Monday, May 09, 2011

bye, bye lunch

from: Nice Cafe
price: $10ish (I added bacon)
rating: &&&.8/&&&&&
listening to: the cars
comments: on this monday of freedom, I met up with the old navarik gang for some nice cafe action. good times. good food. what more could be asked for? click to see a place I saw on the way there. it's the old Juicy Chicken place. dunno when it got this name or what it is to be now. interesting.

and dave had:

comments: the rest of the linked wigglies are all from the crazy hail storm that happened on saturday. you get stuck in it? it was crazy. and awesome. it was crawesome. click to see the clouds preparing for attack.

and phil had:

meatlovers omelet
comments: click phil's lunch to see a river running through it. through the road and sidewalk, that is. hail!

and tommy had:

2 eggs
comments: so I was driving in that hail. the sound of it hitting the windscreen was deafening. I'm deaf now. ok, so that phrase isn't really a literal one. it was loud. that's my point. so I sat in the car and made wigglies. good times.

and travis had:

blackstone benny
comments: wow, too many guest lunches. but at least I got the wigglies to back it up today. click travis's lunch to see the hail in my back alley. to make it better. it's a harris shutter wiggly. note the rainbows pouring out of that downspout.



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