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Thursday, April 21, 2011

this one is called lunchers choice

bibimbap (and much more)
from: coma food truck
price: totally forget
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: buju banton
comments: another food truck day at the hootsuite office! this one was korean/mexican food, as they put it. more korean than anything else. really tasty though. the bibimbap was lacking a stone bowl, but made up for it by having really good toppings. the short of it, I recommend this truck if you see it around.

and bill had:

some veggie stuff
comments: they had 2 veg items, too. I think the quesadilla was the preferred one over these seaweed? rolls. click to see bill escaping eric's maniacal water attack.

and david had:

the burrito
comments: another great part about lunch was the weather. it allowed us to eat up on the roof. click to see the view.

and eric had:

chap che
comments: eric brought, and shared, this homemade korean noodle dish. was it all coincidence, or was it planned? we'll never know. click to see him trying to fly, or surfing an earthquake. not quite sure how to describe it.



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