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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I'm a tiger when I want lunch, I'm a snake when we disagree

turducken sandwich!
from: Big Lou's Butcher Shop
price: $10ish
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: jethro tull
comments: bill wasn't working today. this opened up a world of non-veggie options for my lunch. aha! so I went to big lou's. it's hard to decide what meat-tastic sandwich to get from there. but the turducken was a pretty obvious choice. the sandwiches here are not cheap. but they are very good. and I like the old fashionedness to the place. even the guys working there dress the part. click to see that.

and eric had:

nasi goreng
comments: actually, eric didn't eat this particular plate of food. he made that plate up for me cuz he said he had so much of it. and it was really delicious. it's from a place called Seri Malaysian. it's on hastings near nanaimo, and after tasting this... I gotta go there sometime. it also sounds interesting, cuz he says there's just one guy there who makes all your food. click it for bukkit swinging oddness.

and we also had:

papaya and mango
comments: click it to see a flight of toilet pigeons. or a kit of pigeons. or a flock. I don't know which listed collection noun is the right one. clearly they aren't flying. I will henceforth suggest a new collective noun for pigeons. a toilet of pigeons. hmm... not so good.



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