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Friday, April 08, 2011

I got to synchronize lunch falls from the mighty V8. wow great. so won't protect you out there with that.

from: incendio
price: $16
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: irrelevant. today's title comes not from a song, but this tweet generator that looks at your tweet stream to create a tweet just like you would tweet. tweet tweet.
comments: friday at incendio. big surprise. but today was different. there was 6 of us instead of the usual 2. crazy. well, it was Nils' last day today. click to see s scene from an upcoming episode of The Killing.

and nils had:

comments: bon voyage, nils. have fun back in denmark! click to see him. that's all.

and huy had:

comments: click Huy's lunch to see the Nice To Meat You vans.

and bill had:

comments: ok, I'm all outa wigglies. wanna random link of the day? click bill's lunch. looks like just a normal catalogue, huh? it is. but there's one silghtly odd thing happening in it. do you see it? interesting.



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