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Friday, April 22, 2011

good friday? no, it's grrrrrrreat friday!

I forget what I had for lunch...
but I know I painted easter eggs.
comments: today I went to visit family on salt spring island. and I went there the best way one can. as the crow flies. but in a motorized sorta crow. it's so nice when this journey only takes 40 minutes instead of 4 hours. so nice. and, would you believe it, I made a ton of wigglies. click the egg to see stu hovering by the fire.

there were:

lots of eggs to paint
comments: click these eggs to see a view of lions gate bridge from above. I'm not sure which wigglies I should link to now. hmm.. here is a set of all the wigglies I made from the plane. but there were other good wigglies, like stu on a hover scooter, or stoking the fire, or swinging on a rope by the tree fort. enough?



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