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Monday, March 07, 2011

someone told me there's a girl out there with lunch in her eyes, and flowers in her hair

vietnamese subs
from: Bale
price: $10ish
rating: &&&&.5/&&&&&
listening to: led zeppelin
comments: I had errands to run at lunch today. so sadly, I did not dine with bill. it's ok. I'll get over it. what I had to do was reinsure my car. this lead to me getting new plates! wanna see? click me lunch.

and new in the office today was:

comments: sal is katie's roommate's dog. he's very cute. this is him at my desk. in other news, I finally got a new point-n-shoot camera. this one's a Sony, and it's kinda like it was invented for my blog. it has a food setting. awesome. it also does some crazy hi-tech stuff where you 'sweep' the camera to make panoramics AND 3D photos! to properly view the 3D, you need a TV, but I can make wigglies out of them. you'll see. click to see one of the panoramas all wigglied up. it's also got a 10 photo/sec 'burst' mode. I do love burst modes.

and bill had:

from from Lunchbox
comments: the 3D setting on the camera does crazy things to objects that are moving through the frame. click to see Remick on his way to work. I didn't freeze him like that, or make the cars crazy. that's just the new cam. stay tuned for many many more wigglies (Russ!).



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