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Monday, March 14, 2011

I know it sounds old, but I lunch you

waffle sandwich and cauliflower lobster bisque
from: Acme Cafe
price: $12
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: g. love and special sauce
comments: today was π day. 3.14. so we went somewhere with good pies. acme cafe. I didn't actually eat pie cuz my special came with a pecan cake thingy. it was yummy. click to see their pies.

and bill had:

mac n cheese
comments: no wiggly under bill's lunch. but there's a funny pic. I don't think bill was actually crosseyed at all. it's the camera. the camera does crazy things. bill wanted to push these crazy things. so he tried to track his finger across the 3D sweep. he was very determined to do this.

and richerd had:

comments: later in the day, there was some arms dealings going on right outside the office. click to see that. but check out everyone's jaws. crazy jaws.

and vanessa had:

salad and a root beer float
comments: ignore the salad. focus on the root beer float. yum. click to see a photo shoot we walked by on the way back form lunch.

and gavin had:

a clubhouse
comments: gavin found plastic in his soup. that's not very good. he didn't have to pay for it. but still, not very good. click to see more arms dealing action. supposedly there was a sale on at superstore. the office is very well armed now.



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