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Thursday, January 20, 2011

our lunch is rice and beans and horses lard

porchetta sandwich n soup
from: meat and bread
price: $13
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: the pixies
comments: webct reunion type lunch today. don, viv and wayne. meat and bread makes good sandwiches. not cheap. but very good. click to see the big apple eric had this morning. it was huge. and it took a while for that little cop to arrest that criminal. click here to see the chase.

and wayne had:

the beef sandwich
comments: wayne was the only one who didn't eat the porchetta and soup. he seemed to enjoy it. I know I liked the beef one last time. click to see a $5 bill he was carrying.

and viv had:

same as me
comments: click vivian's lunch to see some of the decor at meat and bread. a little to high for punching, I think.

and don also had:

the porchetta
comments: finally, click don's lunch to see the bathroom doors at meat and bread. they are labeled 'meat' and 'bread'. which one would you use? only bread is wheelchair accessible. confusion.



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