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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I'm gonna give you lunchin', baby, gonna move you out o' town.

burger special
from: deacon' corner
price: $12.50
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: Zep (actually dread zep, not led)
comments: back 2 work. back 2 reality. and on deacon's tuesday, nonetheless. the special was a burger with guac. the guac was very tasty. their burgers aren't that great, though. pre-fab patty. overall, satisfying. click to see a photo phil took of andy when they were at Alcatraz last week. I just dig the panorama across my monitors.

and bill had:

weggie wurger
comments: remember those kitties from yesterday's posts? well, you can click bill's lunch to see pixie again. adorable. wanna see her fierce look? check it out. oh yeah, I didn't mention it, but these kitties never warmed up to poor Hemi. this was as close as they got to him. even with delicious tuna sashimi being offered, pixie wouldn't get closer. and Hemi was quite the gentleman, not moving any closer.



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