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Thursday, December 16, 2010

and she said losing lunch is like a window in your heart

sirloin beef plate
from: nuba
price: $13
rating: &&&&.4/&&&&&
listening to: graceland, paul simon.
comments: bill and I met with craig and vivian for lunch today. nuba time. I wonder if I'll ever try anything other than the beef plate there? now click to see the rooftop at hootsuite.

and vivian had:

a pita
comments: much to bill's dismay, vivian also had the last juice special of the day. haha. now click her lunch to see the awesome ice cube tray she brought me back from japan.

and craig had:

the same as me.
comments: or did I have the same as him. click to see a telus ad. it confuses me. what's that stain? and why are the lions so interested in it?

and bill had:

comments: click for one more wiggly. although, you can't really read the sign in this wiggly, the gist is that the city of vancouver demands that the owner of this empty, decaying building should remove the graffiti off it, or they'll do it for them. at a price of about $2000. annoying. that's what empty decaying buildings are for! to express oneself! in argentina, gregchan went on a tour of the local graffiti. in vancouver, there'll be none of that, thank you. sigh... at least I still get offered crack every time I walk home from work. #priorities.



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