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Saturday, November 20, 2010

happy birthday, erin!

beef brisket sandwich
from: meat and bread
price: $8
rating: &&&&.5/&&&&&
comments: special weekend post for erin's birthday lunch! technically, erin's birthday was yesterday. we did crash her work yesterday to make sure all her coworker's knew she was aging. :) but we went to lunch today, instead. and we tried this new place that I never tried before. here's half of the menu. it's good stuff. simple, and delicious.

and erin had:

the porchetta
comments: personally, I liked the brisket sandwich much more. which surprised me. cuz the pork in this porchetta looked really good. here's the pork roast before they cut it up and put in on bread. just lookit that layer of fatty pig skin... drool. in other news, yeah, it's cold and there's some snow. click erin's lunch to see the first snowfall of the season in my alley way.



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