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Friday, October 08, 2010

you don't believe that I lunch you

the french Elvis Cortez
from: LanaLou's
price: $10ish
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: ben haprer
comments: lanalou's again. still delicious. my lunch had the name 'cortez' in it. not sure why, but the painting at our table also looked like it could have been cortez. coincidence? anyway, click my pic to see a cool timelapse video. since I didn't make many wigglies today.

and bill had:

comments: click bill's nachos to see him creeping again. just look at that creeper's grin. frightening.

and gavin had:

breakfast, too
comments: click gavin's lunch to see the painting I was talking about.

and richerd had:

tofu scramble w/.eggs
comments: and finally, click richerd's lunch to see the very same photo as you saw under gavin's lunch. with one difference. the camera auto-straightened this one. that's all. no wigglies. maybe next time.



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