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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

please don't worry luncher, it's really bursting at the seams

ethiopian food
from: afro canadian restaurant
price: about $10 each
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: death cab for cutie
comments: very good turn out at an impromptu navarikers reunion lunch. originally, yvette invited me to join her and dave. of course, I hijacked it and it turned into a 9 person lunch. good times. you can see every who was here in these photos. well, that is once you've clicked my lunch.

so we all shared:

mixed dishes
comments: congrats to phil s on his new found freedom. click to see what he gets to ride around on now that he's not locked in a dungeon anymore.

well, I guess we didn't all share:

cuz bill had his own veggie plate
comments: look at the top right of this photo. on that tv, chilean miners are being pulled out of a deep hole. hooray for that! and after lunch, my belated birthday present for bill arrived at the office. click to see it. it's awesome. it's a coffee mug. oh, I ruined it. no need to click now... or is there!?!?!



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