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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

of all the lunches you had, I was cleaning oil from the beaches

blue cheeseburger
from: the lamplighter
price: uh... $12ish?
rating: &&&/&&&&&
listening to: cake
comments: we tried to go to sea monster sushi today, but our gang was too big. so we went to the lamplighter. not the best food for the price, but lotsa seating room and beer. they also got a foosball table, but the state of it is not that great. pretty wobbly, sticky bars... not great. we didn't play on it. click to see and old truck at an old gas pump.

and gavin had:

beef dip
comments: gavin taught me something new today. I didn't know that there was flammable oils in the peel of a lime. did you? click to see proof.

and paul had:

sandwich n salad
comments: it was an honour to be in a donnely pub with a donnely. too bad he didn't own it. or there'd probably be a better foosball table. click paul's lunch to see bill giving eric a piggyback ride. oh you kids...



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