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Monday, October 18, 2010

lunch was out to get me. that's the way it seemed.

irish stew
from: Burgoo
price: free! brian treated
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: the monkees
comments: on the weekend, I went to applefest at UBC with erin and richerd. click my lunch to see it. at the far right of that wiggly, erin and richerd are under that tent starting their failed apple eating contest. it failed because when we got there, there were already "apples sold out" signs up. yeah. an apple fest with no apples. well, there were some. they eat a total of 57 apple slices each. but they were eager for more. oh well, it gave me a chance to play with some infrared photos. it turns out that you really don't need to mod your camera to do this.

and brian had:

grilled cheese and tomato soup
comments: so, today, I met brian to take some photos of some recent renos he's done. click to see a renovated kitchen. nice work, huh? then he treated me to burgoo for lunch. good stuff. the soup and sandwich was a get-better lunch, cuz he was a bit sick. hope he's all better now.



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