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Friday, October 15, 2010

how can a lunch that unforbidden be so strong?

turkey wrap
from: steamrollers
price: free!! office treat!
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: built to spill
comments: today I experienced a invoke/hootsuite tradition. thanksgiving wraps from Steamrollers. there was a lot of them. and they were tasty. click to see the foosball table. sweet suite foosball.

everyone had:

comments: there were a lot of these wraps in the office. check out that stack! there was talk of an eating contest, but I don't think anyone went fro more than 2. maybe on the invoke side. but I think eric's 2 wrap coma was enough to keep people back. these things are quite filling. I only et 1.5. click to see some people enjoying their wraps.

fear not! bill had:

a veggie burger
comments: of course, bill didn't get to play our reindeer eating games. er... turkey eating, I mean. he went and got a veggie burger. click it to see him playing toxic foos. oh yeah, the other exciting thing that happened was that a wall got painted in the office, and the toxicity of it drove most of us to jj bean for a while.



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