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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

making lunch and breaking hearts, it is a game for youth

meat platter (shared with 3 others)
from: afro canadian
price: about $10 each
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: rolling stones
comments: ok, today I'm gonna make up for the lameness of the recent wigglies. yeah. today fixes it all. under this lunch pic, there's a rocketship. yeah. rocket! we saw it on a flatbed being moved to a movie studio storage place or something. ok, maaaaaybe it's a submarine. but either way, it was cool.

and bill and richerd had:

veg platter
comments: at the end of the work day, for some reason we headed to the roof to karate chop a couple watermelons. the first attacks didn't really destroy the melons. but I got some interesting pics from it. click on that veggie platter to see richerd warping time as he hit the melon. after, he et it

and eric had:

a fancy fig n sausage salad
comments: eric's salad was so fancy, I have to feature it here. but more importantly, his watermelon smashings were awesome. click his lunch to see the biggest of the gifs. and yes, my camera is still working. albeit a little sticky. here's a close up of the melon. good times.



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