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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

no, I don't want to fall in lunch

lamb burger combo with splitz fries
from: splitz grill
price: probably about $14
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: chris issak
comments: i took my monday today. thus, no work. but still went to the office to pick up some lunchers. bill and richerd. and erin had a day off today, too. click my lunch to see some beach volleyballing that I saw later in the evening.

and zoltar had:

richerd's lunch
comments: when the splitz lady asked for richerd's name, he paused, then said Zoltar. at which point the lady said 'ok, but don't forget it'. two minutes later, they called Zotar twice without getting richerd's attention. good times. also notable, last weekend Richerd did the west coast trail in 33 hours, start to finish. crazy man. most people spend a week doing this. click his lunch to see erin helping him back to the car. his legs still haven't fully recovered.

and erin had:

a burger, of course
comments: no witty comments about erin's lunch. click to see her with a halo.

and bill had:

to listen to his lunch
comments: lastly, click bill's lunch to see him trying to be erin. he failed. looks more like a main street hipster.



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