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Friday, August 13, 2010

just this side of lunch, is where you'll find the confidence not to continue

from: home
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listening to: the electronic anthology project
comments: this week, I took friday as my monday. and it was quite warm. so I tried not to do anything. extraneous. anyway, it'd been a while since I had a bagelwich. they are still delicious. click to see a funny.

and on the weekend, I think I'll have:

some tuna sashimi
comments: this sashimi was from Tenhachi, which is on 12th, just west of Oak. in that big apartment building that's actually a bed and breakfast. they have good food. you should try it. also... when it's like 30 degrees out, there's a utopian patio behind the building that stays nice and cool. they close for lunches at 2pm. that is all.



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