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Friday, June 18, 2010

lunch is what you want it to be

the lamb
from: afro canadian restaurant
price: $12ish
rating: &&&&.4/&&&&&
listening to: not allanah myles. I just use it for the title.
comments: today I tricked bill into walking all teh way through gastown for lunch. upon walking into the way-too-hip now Nuba, we turned around and walked right out. man, that place was busy. last time I went it was just a little hole in the wall with barely two tables to sit at. now it's the craziest busiest place in that area. anyway, we left and went to afro canadian. click to see some filming that was happening in gastown. look at the dude on the left. whaaaa?

and bill had:

a taste of africa
comments: it's almost better to be vegetarian at this restaurant, because you can get this variety dish. so, the show they were filming is called Facing Kate, and it seems to take place in san frandisco. click to see some "san fran" ambulance drivers. what they should have filmed was these two amazing parkourists.



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