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Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm not talking 'bout photography, I'm talking 'bout lunch

whip burger with bacon
from: the whip
price: like $16
rating: &&&&.4/&&&&&
listening to: ALT
comments: I didn't work most of today, because I worked monday, and I gotta keep to my 4 days as much as possible. so I met more navarikers for lunch. this time, current ones. click to see olympic village later in the evening.

and dave had:

nachos (in his face)
comments: travis and dave seem to like having their face in the foods. click to see the opposite wiggly of the one above. looking towards false creek.

and travis had:

comments: click travis' lunch to see the number one reason NOT to ever live at olympic village. that's right... I got a photo of the elusive OLYMPIC VILLAGE CREEPER!!!! (some call his presence 'olympic billage'). very creeper. do not attempt to capture or feed!

and phil had:

the burger
comments: I didn't take enough wigglies for all these lunches today. so, click phil's lunch to see richerd trying to tap into Makoto's brain at work. frightening. I think after doing that, richerd could speak fluent japanese.



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