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Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm a high school luncher, and you're my favourite flavour

sirloin beef plate
from: nuba (at hastings and cambie)
price: $20ish with the smoothie of the day
rating: &&&&.5/&&&&&
listening to: air
comments: today was an ex-navarikites lunch day. louisa, sumant, chris, tony, and of course, bill and I. good times. good eats. man, nuba is really good. I think it's even better than when it was across the street and much smaller. this one is very busy, though. line-ups are a danger. click to see the bbq where I had my dinner later on.

and chris had:

a wrap
comments: I am jealous of chris and his unemployment and suntan. bah. I'll be there again someday. click to see some harris shutter action.

and louisa had:

a wrap, too
comments: click lousa's lunch to see one of the most expensive apartment buildings in the city. this view is from mike and nyree's patio. they just recently moved back from winnipeg. yay!

and sumant had:

sirloin beefs
comments: one last wiggly from mike's building's patio. this one... tilt shift wiggly. get down, get funky.



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