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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

honey, you know I’ve earned your lunch

from: work! free lunch ordered from Dream Sushi
price: free!
rating: &&&&.5/&&&&&
listening to: bob dylan
comments: at work, we're pushing a big release out the door. it's almost ready to go. so today, we had lunch bought for us. as far as delivery sushi goes, this place is awesome. Dream Sushi. up on main and 30th-ish. really good stuff. now click to see a house that was sitting on the beach on the weekend.

so, everyone had:

comments: the best part of the sushi was that they forgot to deliver the sashimi. so it came later. after everyone was full. so there was lots for me to eat. yum. so, that house on the beach... it was readied to go to Pender island I think. someone paid $1 for it. $1.07, because of GST. click this pic to see another view of it. those people in the bottom right grew up in the house.

and kate had:

soy sauce in a martini glass
comments: click the martini glass to see the best car I ever owned. my old 1969 Buick GS400. it's not mine anymore, though. it's my brother's. and now that he's bought a house, it should be moving to surrey, soon. hopefully it'll be back on the road in the next few years. such a great car.



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