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Friday, May 21, 2010

can anybody find me somebody to lunch

cheese n bacon burger
price: $12ish for combo
rating: &&&&/&&&&&
listening to: queen
comments: big lunch crew today. click on my lunch to see part 1 of nerds at lunch!

and kate had:

some kinda burger
comments: click kate's lunch to see part 2 of nerds at lunch. what was happening here was a large group of people checking into foursquare at the same time. and bill was the one who became mayor. and what a mayor he was.

and richerd had:

a burger, too
comments: click richerd's lunch to see bill sippin' on gin and juice boxes after lunch. I know you can't tell it was juiceboxes used in this drink, with the owl cup and all. but lookit that straw. purely juicebox.

and gavin had:

anuthah boigah.
comments: I think this was gavin's lunch, but I lost track. regardless, click to see gavin doing something mysterious. regardless. people often say that, huh? what about regardful??? does no one care about it anymore?! I, for one, am regardful of all lunches. good day, sir.



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